20 innovators who are changing our world

20 innovators who are changing our world

American magazine “Rolling Stone” has devoted a writing to the revolutionary genius of our time that with their ideas are improving the reality in which we live.

1. Elon Musk

20 innovators who are changing our world With some brilliant ideas, some people are changing our world and maybe going to save it. Who are the heroes of our time? The list is made up of men and women who are largely unknown to the general public. The only one in the list, who is really famous, is Elon Musk. The 46-year-old is one of the most powerful people in the world. His wealth goes more than $ 20 billion thanks to innovative companies created by him, including PayPal (online payment service), Tesla (electric car), SpaceX (spatial company) and Solar City (solar energy). Musk has built the first electric sports car of the modern time, Tesla Roadster, and among others has designed Hyperloop. Engineering Musk has been named as “Future Architect”, but he likes to call himself as “Technologist.”

2.Bren Smith

20 innovators who are changing our worldThe second in the list is the former Canadian marine Bren Smith. He is the founder of GreenWave, a company that deals with underwater algae cultivation far fro, Connecticut coast in the US.
Through an ecological agriculture model it aims to reduce pollution, water acidity and the production of nutrient and sustainable crops.

3. Anthony Romero

20 innovators who are changing our worldAnthony Romero is the leader of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the leading organization in protecting civil and individual rights. A child of a Puerto Rican immigrant family and a declared gay is one of the main voices in the Donald Trump administration.
In the last year, he has presented more than 100 legal actions against controversial rules such as the Muslim Ban or the law that seeks to destroy the rights of so-called Dreamers.

4. Simona Levi

20 innovators who are changing our worldBorn in Italy, Simona Levi is the founder of Xnet, the non-profit Iberian society, which aims to fight corruption. Thanks to activism and denunciations, this year, dozens of former bank executives and members of the Spanish Financial Institution’s Administration Council have been sentenced to imprisonment or punished by fines. “It’s like Occupy Wall Street had brought the bankers to justice,” writes Rolling Stone.

5. Billy Parish

20 innovators who are changing our world36-year-old Billy Parish has founded Mosaic, the crowdfunding site that finances the installation of solar panels in American homes and clean energy projects. The platform functions as a virtual bank of renewable energies. It seeks out bids for citizens and pays dividends. Just sign up and donate at least $ 25 that will fund a quota. To date, Mosaic has funded more than $ 1 billion of solar panels. Parish considers a benevolent capitalism, a business that can make money and above all, a way to save the planet.

6. Kyle Vogt

20 innovators who are changing our world32-year-old Kyle Vogt is the founder of Cruise Automation, that was recently bought by General Motors for $ 1 billion.

“The biggest promise of automatic cars is that they can prevent accidents and save millions of lives,” says Vogt.

7. Kamala Harris

20 innovators who are changing our worldKamala Harris is one of the most promising American politicians. She’s a member of the Democratic Party. The 53-year-old daughter of an immigrant family, a law graduate lawyer, California’s General Prosecutor, has deployed large US banks, securing a $ 25 billion deal on house confiscation. In 2016, she ran for Senate elections and became the second African-American woman to be elected to Capitol Hill. In Washington, she sponsored Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All project. Her famous expression says: “When our most important ideals and values are jeopardized, retreat or fight? I say, we fight. “

8. Chase Adam

20 innovators who are changing our worldChase Adam is the founder of Watsi, the application that has as an ambitious project to collect in a single database the medical and health information of all American citizens. “You sign up, your data comes in once, you do not have to compile another”, states Adam. The Watsi application is linked to a national database of medical and insurance records so that when a patient goes to the hospital he has all the information he needs. “Watsi is a technological startup that will modernize the terrible bureaucracy of medical care all over the world.”

9. Chido Govera

20 innovators who are changing our world31-year-old Chido Govera, an orphan remaining at age 7, in rural Marange, Zimbabwe, has participated in a training program for young girls for mushrooms cultivation. Today, 31, directs Future of Hope. An organization that teaches more than 2500 students (from Berkeley to Mongolia) to cultivate mushrooms as a source of food and income in poor countries around the world. “There is no solution to solve all the problems affecting our society”.  My goal is to spread the art of mushroom cultivation in order to help all the people who need it. ”

10. Jordi Riba

20 innovators who are changing our worldSpanish Doctor Jordi Riba has achieved tremendous results in the study of neurochemical processes based on Ayahuasca, a hallucinogen of plant origin from Amazona. Riba identified potential changes in the brains of those who drink Ayahuasca for a long time. Among other things, he discovered that Ayahuasca could promote the creation of new cells in the brain. The study may help develop therapies to fight Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. “I am convinced that in 50 years we will know more about our brain. I do not think it will take long before we see these substances involved in the therapeutic arsenal.”

11. Tristan Harris

20 innovators who are changing our worldTristan Harris is a former Google designer and especially a “repentant” in the technological world. In the past years, he has established Time Well Spent. A foundation that aims to “prevent technological companies from sequestering our minds”. Also, aims a “web design revival” with products that do not harm the health of users.

12. Alex Steffen

20 innovators who are changing our worldAlex Steffen is the author of the Carbon Zero book, an environmental work envisioning the overpopulated cities of the future as the ideal boundary to fight climate change. The more cities populate, their energy per capita costs are reduced.
“The worst mistake we can make is to think that the world of the next ten years will be like the last ten years.”

13. Daniel Gross

20 innovators who are changing our worldArtificial Intelligence is often associated with scenarios such as job losses. Daniel Gross, who runs Y Combinator, thinks the really scary scenario is a society dominated by a group of large companies capable of controlling a world of computers that think. “The imbalance of power can lead to personal data control and extreme social inequality. Personally, I am ready to fight to ensure that there are lots of people in the competition and not just five monolithic companies. ”

14. Andrea Dutton

20 innovators who are changing our worldAndrea Dutton is a geochemical researcher at the University of Florida who has long been conducting interesting studies in fossilized corals to discover the consequences of global warming and rising water levels. From the study of fossil corals about 125,000 years ago, found on some islands in the Indian Ocean, it has noticed that the global average temperature is slightly warmer than the current one. “I’m a scientist and I love my job,” she says. I do these studies, not only because I love science but also because I’m interested in the future and the world that we will leave to our children. ”

15. Kendra Kuhl, Nicholas Flanders, and Etosha Cave

20 innovators who are changing our worldKendra Kuhl, Nicholas Flanders, and Etosha Cave are former Stanford University students and founder of Opus 12, an initiative that has developed a reactor capable of absorbing greenhouse gases and converting it to carbon-based elements used to produce fuels plastic and liquid. “The issue is to succeed in recycling emissions into new products rather than scattering them in the air.” – they say.

16. David Kirtley

20 innovators who are changing our worldDavid Kirtley is Helion’s delegated founder and administrator, is part of a group of scientists who have developed the Fusion Engine, a home-size powerhouse that can supply a small town in the future using a minimal amount raw materials.

17. David Benjamin

20 innovators who are changing our worldDavid Benjamin is a famous designer from New York, who together with living studio associates has designed extraordinary bioarchitecture. In 2014, a temporary installation called Hy-Fi was introduced at MoMa in New York. The entire installation is stable and has zero impact on carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption.

18. Josh Evans, Roberto Flore, Michael Bom Frøst

20 innovators who are changing our worldFor three years – Josh Evans, Roberto Flore, and Michael Bom Frøst – traveled all over the world by cataloging more than 150 kinds of edible insects at the Nordic Food Lab, a culinary think tank created by renowned chefs René Redzepi and Claus Meyer. Finally, they wrote “On eating insects, essays, stories, and recipes”.  A manual with insect recipes, and shows the benefits of this protein-rich diet, which for many scholars will change the eating habits of mankind.

19. Kate Orff

20 innovators who are changing our worldKate Orff is a genius designer who, with her SCAPE landscape architecture company, is about to finish futuristic work. On the southern shore of Staten Island, destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, is building a series of barriers and natural habitats to make the coast more resistant. “I’m trying to figure out projects that allow people to feel part of a process to change cities and communities,” the architect said.

20. Sue Sisley

20 innovators who are changing our worldPsychiatry Sue Sisley has made pioneering studies on cannabis medical benefits and at the same time denounced bureaucracies that have long hindered US research. “The US government systematically hindered this work for years.”  To do our job – we have been forced to become activists. Indeed, we only wanted to do science. “

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