Buddha’s Tomb Discovered ?! A thousand-year-old tomb has been recently discovered in China.

A thousand-year-old tomb has been recently discovered

A thousand-year-old tomb recently discovered in China is believed to carry Buddha’s grace.

Some believers say that the 2000-year-old bones belonging to Siddhartha Gautama, whose teachings became the foundation of the Buddhist religion.
Burned bones were found in a ceramic box with an inscription claiming to belong to Buddha, believed to have died 2,500 years ago.

The box is found in Jingchuan, supporting over 260 Buddhist statues. Monks of the Manjusri Temple at Longxing Monastery in Jingzhou Prefecture claim to have spent over 2 decades collecting artefacts from neighboring countries.

However, according to scholars, the Buddha’s human remains are shared among his closest followers, but this does not rule out or even confirm whether the box found carries the Buddha remains.


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