Android celebrates 10 years

Android celebrates 10 years.

Android celebrates 10 years.

Google’s mobile operating system will be officially introduced on November 5, 2007. It came to the smartphone the first year after.

Android has been one of Google‘s biggest successes, which bought start-ups in 2005 for just $ 50 million.
Today, the “green robot” program has at least 2 billion users. In a decade there has been a lot of competition.

Android celebrates 10 years.

It’s the most widespread operating system in the world and is only in challenge with Apple’s iOS moving to emerging markets.
Android is about 82% of smartphones across the globe and 66% of tablets. This year, for the first time, it also passed Windows, Microsoft’s computer operating system, considering the Internet connection from any kind of connection.
One of the keys to his success is Google’s collaboration with most mobile device manufacturers, from Samsung to Huawei. The latest version is Android 8 Oreo, on its smartphone, Google’s Pixel 2, and Huawei’s Mate 10.


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