Folding iPhone? There is the patent


Folding iPhone! Apple has patented an iPhone with MicroLED display that can bend itself

Samsung has promised to launch a folding device within a few months. And Apple, the most ruthless rival of the Korean company even in courtrooms, can be no less. It has been discovered that last year, more or less at this time, Apple deposited at the US. Patent & Trademark Office patent for a screened iPhone that can fold itself on like a book. The device seems to remember the features that everyone has become replaced by Microsoft’s Surface Phone. The terminal should close exactly like a book.

The technology

To make its folding iPhone Apple has thought to use the new MicroLED technology. The miniaturization of the luminous diodes makes it possible to produce screens not only flexible but also brighter and less energy-intensive. Consumption reduction is estimated at 50% compared to current OLED. Apple would also have no particular problems in exploiting this technology thanks to the acquisition of LuxVue Technology, a company specializing in this sector in 2014. Like any patent, there is no certainty that this device will actually be realized but it is not the first time that it is spoken about folding iPhone.

In the past, it rumored that Apple was collaborating with LG to launch the terminal with foldable display in 2020. LG Innotek would be concerned with the development of electronic cards that could withstand the strains caused by the change of form factor while the Display Division would provide the panels Flexible OLEDs already tested for a few years.


Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone

Waiting to know if Apple will ever launch a folding iPhone, Samsung is finishing the development of its top Galaxy X display screen. In these days, a device support page appeared on the Korean company site. If everything goes according to plans, the smartphone will arrive in 2019.


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