Google traces you even when you don’t want

Google traces you even when you don't want

Accusations against Google continue. Recently it is known that google traces people secretly, against their will.

The company collects Android user location data even when they have disabled Location Service. This is actually a disturbing finding. This means that Google can know exactly where you are and where you go and tries to hide this information.

Google even track you when you have disabled your location and when you stop using apps that require location. They track Android users even when they remove SIM Card from their devices, reports Quartz.

Google has collected the information of Android users from Wi-Fi antennas since the beginning of the year. All the collected information is sent to Google servers.

Google traces you even when you don't want

But the company says that they started collecting that kind of data “to ensure the speed and performance of sending messages”. The data was never used and never stored.

“In January of this year, we started using Cell ID codes as an additional signal to ensure speed and performance in sending messages. However, we never attached the Cell ID to our synchronization network system. So that data was immediately destroyed” says a spokesman for Quartz.

In late November, Android devices will no longer send the information to Google, for this reason, says the company.


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