The true story of Halloween

The true story of Halloween.

The true story of Halloween!

Between the cold nights of the winter and the fall that we leave, we have the Holiday of Halloween. A time of celebration and superstition.
But where did this frightening day come from and why do we celebrate it? In fact, it does not come from children and their deceptive outfits.

How it started:

It is believed that Halloween has started in Samhain’s ancient Celtic festival when people dressed in costumes and shouted as ghosts. It received the decree of Pope Gregory III in the eighth century that’s why it is celebrated as we celebrate today.

Samhain (planting) marked the end of summer and harvest and announced the cold months. The Celts believed that a night before the new year, the boundaries between the world of the living and the dead become unclear. Traditionally people wore suits, animal skins, and head, and congratulated each other’s luck. Later in 43 AD, the Roman Empire invaded much of Celtic territory. The festivals were combined for years in their rule.

The true story of Halloween.

The first was Feralia, a late October day when the Romans marked the passing of the dead. The second was Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit and trees. The symbol for Pomona is an apple, and this became the tradition associated with Halloween.
In the year 609 after the Birth of Christ, Christianity changed the festival by adding prayers to the dead.
The Pope marked November 1 as the time for honoring saints and martyrs, a day of rest, known as The Day Of All Saints, and later became known as Halloween.

While the other day, November 2, was the Day of All Souls, where the dead are remembered. The tradition was based on the idea of purgatory, a degree between paradise and hell. The holiday spread all over the world afterwards.

In the 1800s the celebrations had a glimmer and was seen as a pagan celebration. But it did not take long to return and celebrate the same as today.


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