Top ten most bizarre CIA secret programs

Top ten most bizarre CIA secret programs

Top ten most bizarre CIA secret programs

The US CIA, is the most sophisticated intelligence service in the world. It has become known for its paranoia in undertaking costly projects.

This list, lists the ten most bizarre programs the US government has funded over the years.


10. “Acoustic Kitty”

Top ten most bizarre CIA secret programs

Most people would not believe that a common cat could be a spy agent. But in 1960, the CIA spent $ 20 million on the “Acoustic Cat” secret project, which used cats as a recording device. The project, through surgical interventions, put microphones, antennas, and batteries on their tail and then left them near the Russian Embassy.

The idea was at least one of the cats to get to the group of communist officials and record their conversations. The plan was put into operation, but the first cat sent to the field was crashed by a cab before heading to the destination and so the “acoustic cat” operation was abandoned.


9. Operation “Mockingbird”

Top ten most bizarre CIA secret programs

Among the most ambitious CIA programs was the “Mockingbird” operation, which was taken into consideration in the early 1950s. More than 3,000 intelligence agents took part in this project, who tried to take the control of the free press by selecting a portion of the reporters to filter the types of stories that went public.

The program included writers writing for “New York Times,” “News Week,” “Time Magazine,” and even said that the project had a significant impact on the 25 major newspapers. The operation also had a major impact on the world media during the 1950s, until a series of investigative journalists’ reports came to reveal and make it public.


8. Operation “Gold”

Top ten most bizarre CIA secret programs

One of the CIA’s tougher operations during the Cold War was the “Gold” operation of 1953, which was the common cause between the CIA and the British MI6 to intervene in the Soviet hub telephone lines in East Berlin. This required the construction of a 450 m long tunnel that would be interrupted by an underground telephone junction.

US intelligence recorded more than 50,000 phone calls over a year. But a KGB infiltrated agent in British intelligence forces decompressed this operation before the tunnel was over, because, for a great deal of time, the Soviets had fed the CIA with false information. In 1956, the Soviets managed to close the tunnel.


7. Operation “Northwoods”

Top ten most bizarre CIA secret programs

In the early 1960s, when the Cold War was at its peak and the fear of communism was increasing, the US CIA proposed a plan called the “Northern Wood” operation. This plan provided for the US government to commit a series of violent terrorist acts such as explosions, kidnappings, fake riots and sabotage whose responsibility would be charged to Cuba.

This would bring increased support for the war against the communists and lead to possible military operations to steer away from Fidel Castro power. The plan signed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff was presented to President John F. Kennedy, who opposed it and as a result, the program was abandoned. Secret documents describing the plan were made public in 1997 as part of a government statement regarding the murder of John F. Kennedy.


6. “Project Pigeon”

Top ten most bizarre CIA secret programs

One of the most absurd military projects of all time was that of World War II when psychologist B. F. Skiner was recruited by the government to train pigeons to be used in a missile guidance system.

At that time, Skinner was known as one of the greatest condoned practitioners, a system that used reward and punishment as a means of controlling behavior. The skinner placed trapped pigeons inside the missile while a camera in front of them recorded the flight path designed on a screen so that the pigeons could see it.

Birds were trained to recognize the target of missile purpose. They would shake the screen if it was out of course. Skinner received $ 25,000 for running the project. Government officials were unable to overcome the absurdity of the program and he was eventually closed.


5. Operation “Midnight Climax”

Top ten most bizarre CIA secret programs

In the early 1960s Operation “Midnight Pump” took place. It was one of the most ridiculous and illegal efforts of the Central Intelligence Agency to test drug use. The prostitutes were used to lure young people and at certain moments they were given food or drink, within which LSD and other drugs were thrown.

Later, they were sent to a room dressed in mirrors and their behavior was analyzed. This was an experimental program to monitor the impact and tactical use of drugs and sexual blackmail in espionage. But within the Agency there were fierce debates on this project, which led to its closure only a few years ago.

Most of the documents related to the operation were destroyed. But some survived. In the early 1970s documents related to the operation and many other illegal CIA programs were brought to light by “New York Times”.


4. The “Stargate” Project

Top ten most bizarre CIA secret programs

The $ 20 million project included a large number of psychological experiments and investigations undertaken by the US government between the ’60s and’ 70s. The purpose of this program was to investigate the scientific probability of witnessed events at distant distances.

The program also tested entities that had the ability to predict future events and hidden events in secret documents. Although some of the participants in the project claimed to have anticipated the world’s biggest events, such as military attacks and pawns, the program found remote and telepathy distant viewers blot in about 80% of cases, so in 1995, the CIA canceled the project.


3. Operation “Mongoose”

Top ten most bizarre CIA secret programs

In the early 1960s, Communist Cuba became one of the greatest battles in the Cold War. Fidel Castro’s presidency was considered one of the most dangerous political figures in the world. After the early attempts to forcibly overthrow the Kastron failed. The CIA established the Mangust Operation, which was a secret sabotage war to remove the Cuban leader from power.

This operation involved plans of fake Cuban emigrants’ attacks, to provide weapons to opposition groups, and the destruction of Cuban sugar cane culture. Several attempts were also made to kill and discredit Kastron in the press. Each of which was more ridiculous than the other. The agency attempted to simplify the personal supply of Castro’s cigar cigarettes, put explosives at its preferred swimming pool, even packed a deadly pen. In an agreement between John F. Kennedy and the Soviets, he was abandoned.


2. “MKULTRA” Project

Top ten most bizarre CIA secret programs

One of the government programs that feed innumerable conspiracy theories, the “MKULTRA” project started in the early 1950s. It included chemical experiments on mind control. In short, the operation in which drugs were used, stimulated stress, and methods aimed at changing brain function.

The program included testing and interrogation of citizens often without their knowledge in the intelligence service. This included giving large doses of LSD, amphetamine, asparagus, and shock therapy. On one occasion it is speculated that subjects were dosed with acid for 77 days.  This, because to test the effects of long-term drug exposure.


1. “The Bay of Pigs Invasion”

Top ten most bizarre CIA secret programs

The program is one of the first attempts to overthrow Cuban communist leader Fidel Castro. The program began in 1960, under the authority of the president. In order to eliminate any links with the US, the attack would be carried out by Cuban immigrants. They returned to their homeland and specifically trained by the CIA.

On April 17, 1961, a group of amphibian troops, with guerrillas, landed on a beach in the Bay of Pigs. Their plan originally failed tragically. Two thousand Cubans died during the occupation.  1,200 were captured and imprisoned. The rest was executed by Castro’s order.

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