Why is the speed of light the fastest speed

Why is the speed of light the fastest speed

Why is the speed of Light the fastest speed?

Light is the only thing we’ve observed to be massless. Anything without mass will go that fast. There are some theoretical particles without mass. We’re pretty sure most of them are because the models work great but we’ve never actually seen them. The speed of light really isn’t all that special. It’s just a number about 300 million meters/second. But that’s only when you use standard units meters for space and seconds for time. In the US you might say 186,000 miles/second or 670 million miles/hour. In Canada, you might say 1.1 billion kilometers/hour units are kind of arbitrary. You could just as easily measure both space and time in meters and the speed of light would be one.

Why is the speed of light the fastest speed


Most physicists working with the stuff actually do they treat it like it’s just a conversion factor between the units we’ve chosen for space and the unit’s we’ve chosen for time.

What happens if someone were to accelerate toward the speed of light? How exactly do you expect to do that with excel or o-matic? For example: if I start to speed up it just looks like I’m going fast the most I’ll notice is an apparent force of gravity toward the back of my bubble but my excelling o-matic keeps that from getting too strong. Until I get to about 10 percent the speed of light I won’t notice anything but everyone else will see several things one time will pass slower for me. I’ll compress along the direction that I’m moving and I’ll be more attracted to the Earth because my mass will appear larger.

The larger mass also increases my inertia meaning it’s getting harder and harder to accelerate me. The faster I go the more quickly the Exeler o-matic battery is drained until it finally runs out of power. As you get closer and closer to the speed of light the energy needed to make you go faster is higher and higher. You need an infinite amount of energy just to get to the speed of light and as far as we know nothing in this universe is infinite. So, you couldn’t even get to the speed of light let alone pass it. It’s just not physically possible something like light doesn’t have to worry about this problem. No mass means no inertia. The


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